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          The Seminar on Trends and Practices of International GMP Guidelines Held Successfully


          On 30th March, the seminar on trends and practices of international GMP guidelines based on risk and science was successfully held by AUSTAR in Guangzhou. More than 100 clients from a large number of well-known pharmaceutical enterprises participated the meeting, including R & D, engineering and QA directors.

          This seminar was mainly focused on six themes, including clean area contamination control strategy, sterilization and sterile transportation, cleaning verification, single-use biopharmaceutical process, laboratory construction and information operation, and interpreted the new regulation concerns, improvement strategies as well as how to avoid risk during strategy design and operation on the aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, aseptic assurance, laboratory construction and project operation for pharmaceutical enterprises.


          Through the in-depth analysis and understanding of pharmaceutical products and related contamination risk, AUSTAR is committed to providing clients with compliant and customized solutions for contamination control strategy and professional validation service for decontamination effect. We concentrate on developing and improving application solutions for pharmaceutical R&D and quality control. Based on the in-depth understanding of the laboratory and the concept for data assurance, regulation compliance and lean philosophy, we provide specialized, diversified and one-stop system solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research institutions.

          With the support and cooperation of our clients and partners, we will continue to deliver new technologies, processes and applications for the pharmaceutical industry, and promote industry progress.

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