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          API Digital Transformation Seminar Concluded in Jinan, China


          On 16th April, the seminar on API Digital Transformation, hosted by AUSTAR, came to a successful end in Jinan, China, which focused on analyzing industry trend for API manufacturers,interpreting the new technologies and processes in the field of digital industry as well as providing new ideas for the transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises.


          The six experienced presenters from AUSTAR automation and digitalization team shared our knowledge on the aspects of regulatory requirements of electronic data in pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical plant planning and design, demand analysis, utility construction and facility automation of API workshop, and conducted in-depth discussions with the senior management personnel as well as professionals and technical leaders of engineering, equipment, automatic control and production functions from the pharmaceutical enterprises across the country. The seminar was highly interactive onsite. During Q&A sessions and tea break, the clients were very active to ask questions, especially showing great interests in Pharmaceutical Automation & Digitalization project and Lab Data Management Software.

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          AUSTAR can provide pharmaceutical enterprises with full life cycle digital solutions from digital strategy consulting to digital application implementation and after-sales service. 

          We look forward to cooperating with you.

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