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          AUSTAR Showcases the Latest Technologies at the 60th CIPM Expo


          On May 10th, the 60th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM for short) was grandly opened in Qingdao, China. As a professional pharmaceutical engineering solution provider, AUSTAR showcases a full range of technical  solutions and new products, and gets together with clients and partners.

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          AUSTAR new products, including the newly-launched Nutsche Filter Dryer, the first-time displayed ROTA AUSTAR Aseptic Filling and Isolation System, the self-developed Co-Axial Mixer, Intelligent Cleanroom System, Autoclavable Garments, attracted many visitors to stop at the booth for in-depth exchanges with AUSTAR experts and engineers. The Nutsche Filter Dryer with multifunctional integration and closed discharge design could be widely applied in all fields in which the crystals of suspension are the product to be recovered. The ROTA AUSTAR Aseptic Filling and Isolation System is suitable for automatic filling ,stoppering of liquid and lyophilization product in vials, and can meet the production needs of biological drug, antineoplastic drug and CDMO.

          Final 4 - w.jpgNutsche Filter Dryer

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          ROTA AUSTAR Aseptic Filling and Isolation System

          The concurrent technical forum, held at AUSTAR booth, shared the up-to-date technologies, solutions and regulations for clients and partners by focusing on five themes: digital plant construction, biotechnology, pharmaceutical formulation technology, clean room and process contamination control, industry hotspots and cutting-edge technology.

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          AUSTAR is committed to providing the innovative technologies, processes and applications for the pharmaceutical industry, and promoting industry progress continuously. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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